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20 mrt 2020 om 16:16 Very good lasagna
16 mrt 2020 om 18:49 Although the restaurant ran out of what I ordered (pesto pasta) they wrote me a note saying sorry with 2 discount tokens for my next order and gave me a free dessert with lasagne instead (I would have rather he lasagne anyway) very happy with them! ❤️
13 feb 2020 om 18:14 Soooooooo good!
18 dec 2019 om 15:31 The food arrived according to schedule. The portion was a little on the small side and nothing special but decent enough. However, for some reason I received some free chocolate icecream.
28 nov 2019 om 14:01 Fantastic food!
28 nov 2019 om 11:51 The food was amazing and they even sent me a free dessert :)
13 nov 2019 om 16:15 Best Italian delivery in Amsterdam! Great quality, they even put a personal note in my order.:)
31 okt 2019 om 15:08 Uitstekende canneloni!
24 okt 2019 om 15:16 Waanzinnig lekker!!! Bedankt voor dit feestje ...
18 okt 2019 om 15:19 Super tasty food! They added a note that the tiramisu was unfortunately out of stock but to compensate the blueberry dessert AND the choco mouse were added. Also a bunch of coupons were added! Would recommend to everyone!
30 sep 2019 om 18:20 Like always... perfect!!!
25 sep 2019 om 14:32 Just.. wow Great food! ❤️